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Mr. Ahmed Binhindi We at “A.A. Bin Hindi Group” have established a fraud reporting “Antifraud” channel via this website. The “Antifraud” is a web-based reporting system that provides a way to anonymously report instances of suspected fraud.

We expect our employees to adhere to the highest level of ethical standards and principles in dealing with our obligation towards our customers, suppliers, stakeholders, and the Community of the Kingdom of Bahrain. To maintain these ethical principles and standards, every employee, regardless of position, shares in the responsibility for promoting an ethical behavior in serving our customers and the Community. If you have factual information suggestive of fraudulent activities involving any Bin Hindi Group employee, we want you to report it via “Antifraud”. Examples of reportable issues include fraud, theft, and obtaining kick-backs.

The “Antifraud” submissions can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All submissions will be forwarded to the appropriate level of Management for further investigation, and the reporter can remain anonymous to the extent allowed by law.

We need your feedback to eradicate fraud and serve you better.

Ahmed Abdullah Bin Hindi
Vice Chairman & CEO

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